MI6 Confidential looks at Lewis Gilbert’s 007 films

A Moonraker poster

A Moonraker poster

MI6 Confidential’s new issue takes a look at the “Monorail Trilogy” of director Lewis Gilbert’s three 007 films: You Only Live Twice (1967), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Moonraker (1979)

The publication says articles in the issue include new interviews with Gilbert, 95, and Ken Adam, 94, who was production designer on all three movies.

Gilbert’s three 007 films were spectacles, which included massive sets and big action sequences. Adam designed, among other things, SPECTRE’s volcano headquarters in Twice, a tanker that could capture submarines in Spy and an orbiting space station in Moonraker.

Issue 30 of the publication also includes an article on Richard Kiel (1939-2014), who played henchman Jaws in Spy and Moonraker, and a story about the poster artwork of Robert McGinnis.

For information about ordering, CLICK HERE. The price is 7 British pounds, $11 or 8.50 euros.

One Response

  1. lewis gilbert was a great bond director his three bond movies where
    fantastic to watch. my favourite was ‘the spy who loved me’ which was the late albert cubby broccoli’s debut movie as a solo producer.

    however ‘you only live twice’ was also good I had an issue with the
    volcano the action scenes wasn’t plausible enough for me. but the
    rest of the movie was brilliantly made.

    lewis gilbert’s last film contribution ‘moonraker’ fell done badly in
    my opinion. reason’s being the story just never fit a bond movie
    in my eyes.
    however production design’s by ken adam was excellent and the
    model’s used and made by the late Derek medding was absolutely
    fantastic. most fans of Derek medding will remember he was apart
    of that british tv production team that made puppets and model
    air-crafts for the late Gerry Anderson tv producer.
    lewis gilbert’s work is forever remembered in bond history.

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