Had to happen sooner or later: 007 LEGO

The popularity of LEGOs have surged via LEGO versions of popular characters. It was a new lease on life for a popular kids toy that almost went bankrupt.

So it was just a matter of time before we’d see LEGO James Bond. This probably isn’t official, but it’s amusing. Here’s a LEGO version of the SPECTRE teaser trailer. LEGO/Bond’s hair seems a little dark compared to Daniel Craig/Bond, but that’s a relatively small detail.

UPDATE (April 5): Missed this 2013-produced LEGO version of Casino Royale’s pre-titles sequence. Daniel Craig/Bond’s hair color is blonde, unlike the new SPECTRE trailer LEGO version. Thanks to Phoenix Roleplaying, who made comment below.

UPDATE II (April 5): Just got pinged that a LEGO version of Moonraker is in the works. Not sure if it’s going to be closer to Ian Fleming’s 1955 novel than the 1979 movie was, but it has Gala Brand.

3 Responses

  1. Better than the original!

  2. Have you seen the LEGO version of the ‘Casino Royale’ PTS?

  3. Missed that (the LEGO version being published in 2013. Added to post.

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