Waltz tells British GQ he isn’t Blofeld in SPECTRE

Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz at Dec. 4 media event.

Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz at Dec. 4 media event.

Actor Christoph Waltz TOLD BRITISH GQ IN AN INTERVIEW he isn’t playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld in SPECTRE.

“That is absolutely untrue,” Waltz told the magazine. “That rumour started on the Internet, and the Internet is a pest. The name of my character is Franz Oberhauser.”

Waltz may be telling the truth. Past events are not a guarantee of future results. Still, it’s worth noting that three years ago, Naomie Harris denied she was playing Moneypenny in Skyfall. Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig also denied that Ben Whishaw was playing Q in that film (“Agents are liars. You know that,” Craig said at the time.)

It’s also worth noting that actual scripts, with some drafts shortly before production began on Dec. 8, have been on the Internet because of the hacking at Sony Pictures. The same applies to production memos.

Waltz also made this observation: “A James Bond film can be artistically fulfilling. Absolutely it can. It can be complex and it can be interesting.”

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3 Responses

  1. it’s good that Christophe waltz has come out and admit
    that he’s not Ernst stavro blofeld. i’am in particularly glad reason’s
    being, blofeld is a relic villain and his return in todays world of
    hi-tech crime, how would his thinking and image survive ?

    however if ‘on her majesty’s secret service’ (1969) did have a
    sequel to follow-up bonds decease wife, then bond would
    have his revenge, could you call (diamonds are forever’ (1971)
    a sequel or revenge movie? no way it was a parody of the other
    two serious performance’s by the late Donald pleasance and
    the late telly savalas as blofeld.

    I had mention it already Christophe waltz can play the new master or
    ceo of ‘spectre’ what fan’s must look for it’s between mr,white and
    franz oberhauser, my bets on mr. white he’s the head mastermind
    of ‘spectre’ paraiding as quantum.

  2. Damn, I wish I was at liberty to add to this.

  3. He may be telling the truth. He may be telling a great big porkie. Considering this sort of behaviour isn’t limited to Bond (‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Star Trek’ have done it), I’m personally inclined for the latter.

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