007.com posts video blog about SPECTRE car chase

SPECTRE teaser poster

SPECTRE teaser poster

People who don’t want to know anything about the movie should stop reading now.

The official James Bond website, 007.com, posted a new video blog today which looks at a car chase scene in SPECTRE.

In the film, Daniel Craig’s James Bond is driving an Aston Martin DB10 and is being chased by a Jaguar driven by henchman Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista).

The video includes comments from special effects man Chris Corbould and director Sam Mendes. The latter calls the sequence “a cat and mouse game through the night time streets of Rome.”

Here’s the video, it runs about 100 seconds. No real story spoilers, but, as stated above, the super-spoiler averse should not view.

UPDATE: To view a related tweet from the official 007 Twitter account, CLICK HERE.

4 Responses

  1. Wonder why there’s not shot of the roof-top …

  2. @Kevin: You loudly complained that this blog EVEN WROTE ABOUT THE CAR CHASE a few weeks ago. People shouldn’t write about such things, they’re spoilers, you said. You were very obnoxious in doing so. Now, you’re trying to hint about your inside knowledge about the movie.

  3. I don’t think this 100 second’s clip from the ‘Spectre’ car chase
    gives away anything, reason’s being when the full trailer is being
    shown, the car chase has to be there to promote the movie.
    however special effects expert chris corbould & gary powell stunt coordinator, are masters in their feld.
    Seen gary powell do the stunts in ‘ the world is not enough’
    the little speed boat on the river thames is awesome the behind
    the scene commentary in the documentary is great especially
    for bond fans like me who love behind the scene’s.

  4. I agree that most of the shots and frames of this video are not really the final shots that’ll be used in the actual film. But looking at how all those camera’s are positioned -[i]the Mercedes Benz M-class camera crane, the camera boats, the aerial shots, the fixed camera’s on the actual cars, as well as cameramen on the passenger seats[/i]- could really give a more classic feel to this car chase. Similar to “Ronin” and “Bullitt”. I hope this chase makes more use of longer one-shots and better editing, so it can truly stand out as the best car chase ever in cinematic history.

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