A question for ‘Mr. Warner’ about the U.N.C.L.E. movie

Jerry Goldsmith, circa mid-1960s

Jerry Goldsmith, circa mid-1960s

“Mr. Warner”
Warner Bros.
Burbank, CA

Dear “Mr. Warner”:

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie you’ve been promoting lately certainly looks interesting. The publicity department certainly seems to be busy. Just one question.

Is it possible that a certain tune by the gentleman pictured in this post in the movie? Maybe in the end titles?

A number of fans of the original 1964-68 television series are curious.

The blog here has occasionally asked people who’ve attended advanced screenings whether it is. They tend to be younger and aren’t familiar with the music we’re asking about.

If you could let everyone know, that’d be great.


The Spy Commander

UPDATE (10 p.m. ET): On a more serious note, “Mr. Warner” opened up his promotional budget once more for U.N.C.L.E.

A long commercial for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was shown on ABC’s telecast of the ESPY awards. It was introduced by Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer. The spot included a scene with Solo and Kuryakin not seen in any of the trailers. The Cavill-Hammer introduction was recorded a while ago because the actors were still sporting the beards they’ve recently shaved off.

Anyway, the ESPYs, which mix sports and show business, was moved this year to ABC from ESPN. Chances are, “Mr. Warner” made a substantial purchase.

UPDATE II (11:10 p.m. ET): Here’s some footage of the ESPY spot via Henry Cavill Online.

6 Responses

  1. Well done Bill :-). Like Paramount (Mission: Impossible) and MGM/Sony (James Bond 007)….Warner should know that they have a possible franchise on their hands. And obviously they will include the older UNCLE-fans who truly loved the 1960’s TV-series.

  2. I am glad that you posted that letter to Warner Bros. The movie would not be the same if they did not play the original theme from the tv show. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. theme is one of my favorite tv themes of all time.

  3. Agree completely with your question. To be honest–and there is no reason, aside from time that I would not correct this in the future by actually watching all of the old episodes–the only full episode I have seen of UNCLE is the Return of the Man from UNCLE (which, is as far as I am concerned, fully and completely ties 007 and UNCLE into the same continuity, and with Patrick Macnee (with an alias for Steed), The Avengers as well!, and, of course the fact that Ian Fleming created UNCLE also lends credence to my belief)–I am a firm believer in the importance of music. As much maligned as the 1998 Avengers film was, the theme tune was fully present at the end, with the main titles featuring probably the best Bond song, in a movie never heard in an actual Bond film- (thus excluding the brilliant No Good About Goodbye and other songs done in contemplation of being featured in a Bond film), I still enjoyed the 1998 Avengers film, and having read the fantastic novelization of the film, which reads like an extended episode of the old series (save the interesting plot twist of Father’s betrayal). I think that the studio should never have cut an hour out of the film. If they ever release a fully restored director’s cut, fans of the series will think it spectacular!! Continuing in the vein of old spy–or close–series–made into film, I loved the Roger Moore Saint series. I know there were many attempts to bring the series to the screen, and the pre-Bond Brosnan starring proposed film of Roger Moore as Templar investigating the murder of a woman who, at the start of the investigation unbeknownst to him had an adult child who also turns out to be Templar’s son, played by Brosnan, would have been absolute perfection. I presume he would also have had the same name and would have taken on his father’s mantle–and it would have been the perfect Saint film! Still, Val Kilmer did a fine job in what was really a Bond, not a Saint film, and at the end, producer Roger Moore is still heard over the radio–and the Edwin Astley theme is interwoven throughout the score.

    Having said all of this, bottom line is that the pilot for a new series, the trailer for which is on You Tube, featuring a younger actor as Simon Templar, but also featuring Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy, and the Astley theme–would be even more true to the Saint. I have read that they are going to try another version, but it has not been picked up yet. I seriously hope that Roger is involved, as Templar, passing on the mantle to his son, or now, even grandson or more likely, great grandson–with the name Simon Templar–it keeps continuity solid–and it should still feature the Edwin Astley theme–prefer the second version from the old series–which would be unbelievable!

    Having said all of this, I do not know how I got off on a tangent–I am passionate in these matters, so please forgive me! The bottom line is that there are no ifs, ands or buts that the Jerry Goldsmith theme should be featured in the film. Prominently!

  4. Since it’s an origin movie, it would be totally appropriate for the theme to come up in the end credfits. That means I’m going to be waiting for it and no matter how great the movie is….

  5. I didn’t see the ESPY’s, but the baseball all star game on Tuesday had 2 UNCLE commercials and 2 Mission Impossible commercials.

  6. I feel the same way. If the original theme does play at the ending credits, I’ll be waiting for it too, as I watch the movie.

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