Bond researcher analyzes new SPECTRE trailer

James Chapman as he appeared on the BBC

James Chapman as he appeared on the BBC

This week, the first regular trailer for SPECTRE came out. So, the U.K. MIRROR newspaper asked 007 researcher and academic author James Chapman to analyze it.

Chapman wrote Licence to Thrill, a 2000 book that analyzed the James Bond film series up until that time. It was deeply researched, with extensive footnotes that detail the sources of the information included. It’s one of the Spy Commander’s go-to sources for checking out 007 movies of the past.

Here’s a non-spoiler quote from Chapman from the Mirror story: “The Spectre trailer suggests that the film will combine aspects of the classic Bond movies of the 1960s with a modern twist.”

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE. There aren’t any serious spoilers, but the super spoiler adverse (such as those who consider movie trailers to be spoilers) should avoid.

SPECTRE will be released in October in the U.K. and Nov. 6 in the United States.

4 Responses

  1. Mr. Chapman is a wonderful journalist, but when in comes to 007 experts I always rely on my good friend (and yours) Gary J. Firuta.

  2. James Chapman’s book and the subsequent update are the best studies of the Bond films available.

  3. That hasn’t prevented the usual snark and attitude on Facebook about this.

  4. I changed the headline to say researcher. Using the word “expert” raised the ire of people who’ve seen the movies 50 times each who figure they’re experts.

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