Happy birthday, Sean Connery

Aug. 25 is Sean Connery’s 85th birthday. Since this is also the 50th anniversary of Thunderball, which represented the apex of 1960s Bondmania, here’s the tri-panel poster of the fourth 007 film.

Happy birthday, Sir Sean.

Thunderball's tri-panel poster in 1965


4 Responses

  1. Not to be too pedantic, but would that be a re-issue poster of Thunderball? Perhaps a recent photoshop job? Or maybe the Bond equivalent of the Beatles’ original “butcher” cover for the album Revolver.

    I can’t imagine it would have gone out like that, just about anywhere in the world in ’65/’66, with the lovely lady sans her bikini top.

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  3. @Steven: Probably a Photoshop job, thought not done here. Another image we’ve used:

  4. Thank you for the wonderful site!

    Certainly not a complaint, I was just genuinely curious.

    As a teenager I used to have facsimile posters of this and the OHMSS one-sheet on my bedroom wall so I remember it well, even more than thirty years later …. PS. My Beatles reference was wrong: I meant the 1966 North American-only compilation “Yesterday and Today” not “Revolver.”

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