New SPECTRE poster unveiled, Craig listed as co-producer

New SPECTRE poster

New SPECTRE poster

The official 007 WEBSITE unveiled a new SPECTRE poster, featuring star Daniel Craig in a white dinner jacket as well listing the actor as a co-producer of the 24th James Bond film.

Craig has long been described as more involved in creative matters than other 007 actors. The co-producer credit is a confirmation of that. The other co-producers are Andrew Noakes and David Pope.

To easier read the credits, click on the image and a bigger version should appear.

The poster also disclosed a long writing credit.

The credits for the poster say the screenplay is by “John Logan and Neal Purvis & Robert Wade and Jez Butterworth,” while the plot is by Logan, Purvis and Wade.

Butterworth’s involvement came to light last fall when he was featured in a profile by The New Yorker magazine. The article said Butterworth had also contributed to the script of 2012’s Skyfall.

Butterworth didn’t get a credit for Skyfall. The SPECTRE credit indicates his contribution are greater this time around.

Logan originally wrote SPECTRE solo, but was replaced in the summer of 2014 by Purvis and Wade.  The “story by” credit is an indication that Purvis and Wade substantially revamped the story line Logan first submitted in March 2014.

UPDATE: “One more thing,” as Lt. Columbo used to say. Based on the poster, it appears the co-bosses of Eon Productions, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, have opted to not have the “p.g.a.” mark.

That label, or “producer’s mark,” is from the Producers Guild of America, and has been in use since mid-2013 to indicate who the primary producers are for a movie. The guild sought this with the proliferation of producer credits. The mark is voluntary but has been used widely in films the past two years. Apparently, Wilson and Broccoli felt it wasn’t necessary in their case.