Our guide to incorrect stories about SPECTRE’s title song

New SPECTRE poster

New SPECTRE poster

So, according to THE BBC, Sam Smith recorded his title song to SPECTRE back in January.

With that in mind, here’s a number of stories the past few months that were totally incorrect but caught the attention of James Bond fans anyway.


British band Radiohead has emerged as a sudden favorite among U.K. bookmakers to be named the performers of the theme for Spectre, the latest James Bond.

One bookie revealed that it had suspended betting after an anonymous customer asked to put a £15,000 ($23,000) wager on the band.

Why British bookies supposedly had inside information was never made clear. Still, bookies adjusting odds generates stories about James Bond films in general.

Sam Smith interviews: THE TELEGRAPH compiled a number of times Smith himself denied he was performing the 007 film title song, another reminder that people deny things they know to be true.

Here’s an excerpt with some samples:

Just last week, he told BBC Radio 2’s Jo Wiley: “That’s not me. That’s definitely not me.”

Back in July, Smith batted the rumours back again on Absolute Radio. He said: “I’ve got to tell you it’s the funniest thing just to sit back and watch everyone confirming something I know nothing about.

“Sia would be sick but she’s not British. I think you’ve got to have someone who is British. Saying that, I loved the Jack White and Alisha Keys one.”

And on Capital FM last year, the singer said: “People seem to think I’m doing it but I have no idea what’s going on.

“I’m being deadly serious. I think I would know by now… I heard Ellie Goulding was going to do it.”

Ellie Goulding as supposed frontrunner: There were stories at CAPITAL FM on July 29, IGN.COM on July 28 and THE INDEPENDENT also on July 28 that the singer was going to perform the SPECTRE title song.

Obviously, all were wrong. The DIGITAL SPY WEBSITE ran a story there may have been a deliberate misinformation campaign to fool everyone.

If that’s case, however, perhaps instead of trying to fool people about the title song performer, more attention should have been paid to the SPECTRE scripting process and avoided wasting time on questionable ideas that became public because of the Sony hacking.

5 Responses

  1. I don’t think any of these Rumours we’re entirely wrong, the artists are submitting recordings for possible consideration later in the year. So why would an Artist brag about singing a recorded theme song and it’s not green lighted officially by the producers ?

  2. ERROR, In my comment i mean to say, Earlier in the year.

  3. There must be an established practice on how songs are selected. Do they commission a small group or artists and select resulting songs from among them? Or do the producers receive unsolicited submissions — or at least queries — from interested parties and choose from among those? Perhaps a combination of the two? Or do they contract with a single artist with the option to accept/reject the song?

    I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but personally, I was hoping for Lana Del Rey. I think she might well have captured the deep, downbeat elegance of the Craig years (especially the sense of isolation and loss). In many ways she’s perfect for Bond: regarding questions of “authenticity” surrounding her image and how the music itself taps into so much pop history while remaining resolutely, even uniquely contemporary.

  4. @Baldwin: If Sam Smith was picked in January, as he now says, that means any story since January saying it was someone else is wrong. That also means all those denials he made were false.

  5. yes, spy command. you’re perfectly right, Steven Tomlinson’s comments are much closer to how it’s works. all recording submissions are done earlier on. the reason for Sam Smith to deny any involvement in the project is suppose his theme song is rejected ? nobody has to know about his recording. So he has all right in keeping it a secret, what the use in talking about chickens before their hatched

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