Happy 88th birthday to Roger Moore

Oct. 14 is the 88th birthday for Roger Moore, who starred in seven James Bond films produced by Eon Productions.

Thirty years after departing the role, Sir Roger remains one of the main ambassadors for the 53-year-old film series.

He’s not as beloved as other Bonds. Even today you hear fan gibes. “I’m not sure we can even count Roger Moore as Bond.” Or, “Roger the clown.”

It’s doubtful such things bother him. He continues on, usually making self-deprecating remarks about his own 007 tenure while complimenting his fellow Bond actors, including current 007 Daniel Craig. Happy birthday, Sir Roger.

Roger Moore in Live And Let Die

Roger Moore in Live And Let Die

Harris: Craig was `sarcastic’ in interview

Namoie Harris in Skyfall

Namoie Harris in Skyfall

James Bond star Daniel Craig was being “sarcastic” in a recent interview and actually “lives and breathes Bond,” co-star Naomie Harris TOLD THE BBC

Harris, who played Moneypenny in Skyfall and the upcoming SPECTRE, referred to Craig’s comments to Time Out London. In that interview, the 007 star was asked if he could imagine doing another James Bond film. His reply: “I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrist.”

Here’s an excerpt of the BBC story with Harris’ reaction.

Harris, though, said the actor’s words had been “blown out of proportion”.

“It was not as he intended it,” she told BBC News, claiming her co-star’s “sense of humour… doesn’t come across particularly well in print”.

“It’s easy to take something that someone says in passing and blow it completely out of proportion. I think that’s what’s happened here, so I don’t really believe those comments at all.”

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