Happy 88th birthday to Roger Moore

Oct. 14 is the 88th birthday for Roger Moore, who starred in seven James Bond films produced by Eon Productions.

Thirty years after departing the role, Sir Roger remains one of the main ambassadors for the 53-year-old film series.

He’s not as beloved as other Bonds. Even today you hear fan gibes. “I’m not sure we can even count Roger Moore as Bond.” Or, “Roger the clown.”

It’s doubtful such things bother him. He continues on, usually making self-deprecating remarks about his own 007 tenure while complimenting his fellow Bond actors, including current 007 Daniel Craig. Happy birthday, Sir Roger.

Roger Moore in Live And Let Die

Roger Moore in Live And Let Die

3 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Roger Moore and many more birthdays to come.

  2. With all due respect, who says he is not as beloved as the other Bonds? He was the first Bond I saw on the big screen with Moonraker, and he will always be my favorite 007. While his approach may have been the lightest of all of the Bonds, he could be tough at the appropriate time. I doubt that 30 years from now Daniel Craig will be as willing to take on the role that Roger occupies. I hope I am wrong, but, for me, Roger Moore will always be the best of the Bonds.

  3. @William: The fan quotes I presented in the post are those I’ve heard directly or read via social media. I left out a very vulgar fan quote I witnessed first hand — this decade. As the post states, Roger Moore demonstrated the Bond series could survive Connery’s departure. When you say, “with all due respect,” you should say that to those who, more than 40 years after Moore first played Bond, still knash their teeth about his Bond performances.

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