Is Sony prepared for a post-007 future?


Sony Pictures may have prepared itself for a future without 007 films.

The Deadline: Hollywood entertainment news website has POSTED A STORY BY MIKE FLEMING JR. which outlines the studio’s plans for “franchise” films.

Here’s an excerpt:

Sony’s The Dark Tower is now really real. Days after Stephen King tweeted his blessing and a confirmation that Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are firmed to square off in the leads, Sony Pictures just staked the 2017 Presidents Day weekend for a global launch of the first installment of the Nikolaj Arcel-directed epic fantasy. The studio has also set Bad Boys 3, with Joe Carnahan directing a reteam of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, for June 2, 2017, and it has set Barbie for Mother’s Day weekend, May 12, 2017.

Under Tom Rothman, Sony has been restocking its franchise arsenal, but it didn’t take long. Sony has an enviable 2017 release scheduling.

Rothman replaced Sony executive Amy Pascal, whose reputation took a hit following the Sony hacks in 2014. She’s now a producer working out of Sony and her projects include a Spider-Man movie where Sony and Disney’s Marvel Studios are collaborating.

Sony, through its Columbia Pictures brand, has released the last four 007 films produced by Eon Productions. Sony’s contract expires with SPECTRE. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which co-owns the 007 franchise with Eon and its parent firm Danjaq, is deciding whether to continue with Sony or reach a deal with another studio to release Bond 25.

Until MGM reaches a deal, nothing much can happen with Bond 25. MGM doesn’t have the resources to release Bond movies on its own. Bond 25 won’t have a release date (2018, 2019, whatever) until MGM strikes a deal.

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SPECTRE hangs in at U.S. theaters

SPECTRE teaser poster

SPECTRE teaser poster

Believe it or not, SPECTRE is still around some theaters in the U.S. and Canada almost a month after the 24th James Bond film became available on home video.

According to BOX OFFICE MOJO, SPECTRE is in 63 theaters in the region starting March 4, down 29 from the week before. It was in 47 theaters the week starting Feb. 12 before ballooning up to 340 the week starting Feb. 19 because of a “buy one, get one free” SPECTRE ticket promotion at AMC Theaters.

Meanwhile, SPECTRE has been out long enough on home video that Wal Mart (which emphasizes low prices) is starting to mark down its price. For example, the retailer’s website lists the movie’s Blu Ray and Digital HD pack at $19.96, down from a list price of $39.99.

Fans have speculated on 007 message boards that Sony Pictures, which released SPECTRE, is keeping the movie in theaters so it can achieve $200 million box office in the U.S. and Canada.

Through Thursday, SPECTRE’s box office in the region stood at $199,855,714. On Thursday, it had $2,711 in its 119th day of release.