SPECTRE U.S. box office update


Because there are some posters on 007 message boards who are tracking this….

SPECTRE U.S.-Canada box office through March 16: $199,965,235 through Wednesday, March 16, its 132nd day of release.

That means that (through March 16), SPECTRE’s release time is 22 percent longer than Skyfall’s. SPECTRE’s U.S.-Canada box office is about one-third less than Skyfall ($304.4 million).


UPDATE (March 18): SPECTRE will be in U.S. theaters for another week, but its theater count is now down to nine from 16. CLICK HERE for a chart.

Also, through March 17, SPECTRE’s U.S.-Canadian box office is $199,967,111. By this point, it seems obvious Sony will keep the movie in release until it passes $200 million no matter how long it takes.