The summer of one 007 fan’s discontent

Tom Hiddleston's expression here is close to our reaction to the NYT story

Tom Hiddleston is shocked to find out the Spy Commander doesn’t care. 

Warning: a rant follows

For at least one 007 fan — this one — this is the summer of our Bond discontent.

Tom Hiddleston? Unless he’s cast as James Bond, I don’t care.

Tom Hiddleston’s romance with Taylor Swift? Don’t care.

Tom Hiddleston may be faking his romance with Taylor Swift to try to get the Bond role? Don’t care.

Tom Hiddleston may have doomed his chances at the Bond role because of his romance with Taylor Swift? Don’t care.

U.K. bookies have set a new favorite for the Bond role as Hiddleston’s chances fade? Don’t care. The bookies don’t know what’s going on. The people making the bets don’t know. In this case, “follow the money” equals “follow the ignorant.”

Aidan Turner is doing another season of his television series, so he may no longer be in the running to be 007? Don’t care.

Taylor Swift may be the next James Bond? OK, that’s a trick question and a joke. But given how this summer is going, a story on that subject may be sooner rather than later.

And if that story should get written? Don’t care.


2 Responses

  1. I vote for Alex O’Laughlin! I and many of my friends think he would be the PERFECT BOND! SO… What do y’all think?

  2. Ditto!

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