Bond 25: A helicopter purchase inflames 007 fan interest

Image for the official James Bond feed on Twitter

Image for the official James Bond feed on Twitter

Post updated at the end.

Nature abhors a vacuum. So do James Bond fans.

A reported helicopter purchase by Eon Productions has set off fan interest concerning Bond 25. Maybe something is happening after all.

It began with A STORY in the Bild newspaper in Germany. (It’s in German *and* behind a paywall, but click on the link to view.)

The Bond Bulletin website  followed up (including checking out posts from a German James Bond club). According to the Bond Bulletin, “a request for a Bell UHD-1D helicopter had indeed been made by the James Bond production company, that an agreement had been reached and that the military aircraft will be flown to London Heathrow on 09 February.”

On social media, Bond fans speculated. If Eon is buying a helicopter, perhaps there’s enough of a story line to justify a helicopter purchase. Maybe Eon is more devious than we’ve realized! 

We’ll see. Normally, a movie’s purchase of a vehicle or prop wouldn’t cause a stir. But given the lack of any real news concerning Bond 25 (no release date, no studio to release it, no leading man, etc.) it’s to be expected.

UPDATE (Feb. 9) : The seller, a museum, has A FACEBOOK PAGE that includes a statement in German. The Facebook translation to English is a little clunky but begins: “Even after the James Bond Club Germany – news attention to us, we are happy to confirm once again that we are the current production of the new agents strip with one of our helicopter.”

The Express newspaper HAS A STORY about this in which it claims “that bosses have all the plot details lined up” and that filming could start in “a few weeks.” However, The Express hasn’t done its own reporting. The story cited reports by “local media.”

UPDATE II: You can view a German TV report about the helicopter by CLICKING HERE.