Our rants about Bond 25

James Bond, feeling sad after examining his back story one more time.

James Bond, feeling sad, yet again.

Bond isn’t at the same level as other film franchises: You’ve bought an old helicopter. And we should care, why?

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie in 2015 acquired a lot of old cars. More than three years after filming began, it didn’t really matter in the movie’s ultimate success (or lack thereof), did it? Buying vehicles and props is, at the end of the day, a minor enterprise.

Real film franchises have studios that distribute them. Bond doesn’t have one.

The most recent 007 film, SPECTRE, came out in the fall of 2015. Sony Pictures released the last four Bond movies. SPECTRE concluded Sony’s most recent two-picture contract.

If Bond were a fantastically profitable film franchise, other studios would be beating down the doors of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 007’s home studio. But MGM hasn’t yet reached a new deal.

Of course, Sony got taken with the last two films (Skyfall and SPECTRE), providing 50 percent of the financing but only 25 percent of the profits. That might, just might, be a factor in MGM’s delays in finding a new studio partner.

Meanwhile, real film franchises actually seek publicity. Marvel Studios releases two movies a year. But it successfully gets publicity year round. Ditto for Warner Bros.’ DC Comics film universe, despite the fact it’s not as successful as Marvel.

The Bond franchise is more like the Kremlin. I know, Ian Fleming would spin in his grave at that reference.

Seriously, though, there are parallels. Both provide little tiny bits of news that require the knowledge of long-time followers to interpret. Why else, do you suppose, there has been so much attention to the purchase of a helicopter?

Carry on.


One Response

  1. I’m ready for a new James Bond film and I hope MGM will find a new partner for the budget soon. However, I would like to see a new actor as James Bond 007. I have always felt that Daniel Craig’s term has ended. Now don’t throw so many tomatoes at me.
    We will see what MGM, the new studio and the new director will have to say at that time. Since the EON producers have said they want Craig to return, they will probably win. While Craig has said no discussions have officially taken place and no talk of money, I’m sure they will offer Daniel Craig an incredible amount of pounds. But why not hire a new younger, handsome actor for the role? A new beginning. Someone that will lift up the tired eyebrows of people. Bring Martin Campbell back to direct.
    Yes, I live in the United States, and I’m going to say the last 3 movies have not been very good, but I will add the beginning of SKYFALL was fantastic. What I liked about SPECTRE was David Bautista beating the crumpet out of Daniel Craig’s Bond.
    I will always be eager for a new James Bond film, but they take so long in bringing out a new one. Only 3 movies in a decade is a bummer. I understand the problem again this time. I hope it all works out soon. I’m dreaming for a new one in 2018.

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