James Bond and Brass Bancroft, separated at birth?


Dynamite Comics has been on a run publishing James Bond comic books of late. Dynamite announced its latest project, James Bond: Service to come out in May.

What caught the blog’s eye was the cover illustration (see above). In this version, Bond (particularly his hair style) seems to resemble former U.S. President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004). But not Reagan as president. Rather more like Reagan as he appeared in the late 1930s or early ’40s.

Ronald Reagan's title card in a Brass Brancroft movie.

Ronald Reagan’s title card in a Brass Brancroft movie.

Reagan was an actor before turning to politics. One of his roles was that of U.S. Secret Service agent Brass Bancroft in four movies in 1939 and 1940: Secret Service of the Air, Code of the Secret Service, Smashing the Monkey Ring and Murder in the Air.

Perhaps it’s coincidence. Perhaps the blog’s eye is a little off kilter. Judge for yourself.


4 Responses

  1. One of the best stories I know is that, while the Brass Bancroft films are not considered to be particularly good, the second one, “Code of the Secret Service,” is regarded as the worst of the bunch. So bad, in fact, that Reagan pleaded with Warner Bros. to not release it. Unwilling to write the whole thing off, they compromised by not releasing it in the New York and Los Angeles markets to save Reagan being embarrassed in front of his friends. Nevertheless, a young boy named Jerry Parr saw the film and loved it, so much so that he was inspired to become a Secret Service agent himself. Fast forward to the day John Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. Upon realizing that he’d been shot, Reagan’s life was saved by the decision to take him straight to the hospital instead of to the White House for treatment by the physician there. That lifesaving call was made by Agent Jerry Parr.

  2. Rats. Didn’t notice that autocorrect changed Jerry Parr to Jerry Part in the first instance (or else the aim of my thumb was off). Please correct for me.

  3. Reagan guarding Trump?

  4. @Bill: Your original comment has been corrected, per your request.

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