When does the 007 franchise face forward again?

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The past few weeks have reminded James Bond fans of the tremendous history of the film franchise.

Events included the passing of the longest-serving film Bond, Roger Moore; the passing of a fondly remembered 007 actress in Molly Peters from Thunderball; the chance to see Bond on the big screen via a double feature of For Your Eyes Only and The Spy Who Loved Me.

The question is when will 007 face toward the future once again?

More than 18 months since the last Bond film arrived in theaters, nobody really knows when agent 007 will again be on movie screens in a new adventure.

There is, still, no studio to release Bond 25. There is, still, no firm Bond actor for Bond 25. Many assume Daniel Craig will be back but that’s a matter of faith, rather than fact. There is, still, no supporting cast or firmed up crew.

Some fans have faith that Bond 25 can still be made in time for a 2018 release. Maybe they’re correct, but the clock is ticking.

The purpose of this post isn’t to be a downer. Rather, it’s to note how the attention has been to the past.

It is an amazing past. It’s a past to be proud of.

Still, one is reminded of a line uttered by the Roger Moore 007 in Octopussy.

“I collect memories,” says Kristina Wayborn’s Magda.

“Well, let’s get on with making a few,” Sir Roger’s Bond replies.



2 Responses

  1. I am so eager for a new James Bond movie too. Disney can make a Star Wars movie to be released every year now. In fact, Han Solo (2018) and Episode IX (2019) are both being filmed this year. Should Disney partner with MGM? Probably not going to happen. Maybe Donald Trump can partner with MGM and get the movie going. What a budget it could have. Title: James Bond Makes America Great.
    Okay, you can stop throwing tomatoes at me.

  2. McDonald’s comment reminds me of one gripe I have had with the series, an absence of an American villian. Brad Whitaker was the last citizen of the States to menace James Bond and he barely made an impression in his respective film. Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll ever see one again because from what I’ve heard Hollywood far more dependent on it’s foreign box office take than ever.

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