New version of Top Secret game being developed

New version of Top Secret role-playing game.

A new version of the Top Secret role-playing game is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.

The original Top Secret came out in 1980. It allowed players to devise espionage story settings.

The new version that’s part of  the Kickstarter campaign has drawn more than $75,000, exceeding a $12,000 goal.

Here’s an excerpt of the description on Kickstarter:

TOP SECRET: NEW WORLD ORDER is the brand-new espionage role-playing game by Merle M. Rasmussen.

You are an agent of ICON, the International Covert Operatives Network. Working alone or with a team, you are tasked with the missions that other agencies can not, or will not, handle.

TOP SECRET: NEW WORLD ORDER is set in today’s world of shadowy organizations, shifting alliances, high technology, and unpredictable threats.

How do you play?

If you’re new to tabletop role-playing games, one of the first things that you’ll notice is one player is the referee, also known as the game master, or in our parlance, The Administrator.

All the other players take on the roles of secret agents, carrying out missions in an open world described and controlled by The Administrator using the rules in the book.

As is often the case with Kickstarter, there are different levels of contributions. To read everything in detail, CLICK HERE.