Bond 25: The MGM-Annapurna deal edition

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So, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Annapurna Pictures have formed a joint venture to release movies in the United States. Of course, that means questions. So here we go…

Does this affect Bond 25? Not yet. The announcement of the deal said Bond 25 wasn’t included.

Could it? Certainly. Annapurna was one of five outfits seeking Bond 25 distribution rights. Annapurna already was going to release MGM’s Death Wish remake. Now the companies have extended their business relationship.

Will it? Remains to be seen. The Bond 25 distribution issue has been full of twists and turns. This is only the latest.

Really? Michael G. Wilson of Eon Productions said almost two years ago he expected the Bond 25 distributor would be know by early 2016. Hasn’t happened.

Annapurna’s interest in Bond was seen as a surprise. It only recently got into the distribution business. But The New York Times said in April that Annapurna was a surprise contender along with established studios such as Sony Pictures (which has released the past four 007 films) and Warner Bros.

Here’s the reality: The MGM-Annapurna announcement is another sign of how Bond fans don’t have — and never have had — the full picture. At this point, we still don’t have the full picture.

James Bond is supposed to be an ace secret agent. But in this affair, he’s just a piece on the chessboard.

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  1. The MGM-Annapurna Distribution Deal sounds more of a Concrete evidence that Bond 25 is ready to go, reasons Being why Daniel Craig would say he’s returning if it’s fake news ?

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