Villeneuve says he’s working on Dune’s script

Denis Villeneuve

Director Denis Villeneuve said on The 4 Quadrant podcast that he’s currently working on the script for a new version of Dune.

“It’s my turn to work on the pages right now,” Villeneuve said.

The director said he’s gotten pages from screenwriter Eric Roth and he’s examining them.

“It’s very exciting. I’m diving into that universe that I love so much,” Villeneuve said on the podcast. “It’s tough. Right now, I don’t know if the movie will be made….But I’m very positive. I’m very excited with” the pages Roth produced.

Villeneuve is a fan favorite to direct Bond 25, a project still without an announced director. Bond star Daniel Craig is “rooting for” Villeneuve to direct the film, the Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye said in September. Bamigboye has had a number of Bond-related scoops proven correct.

During the podcast, Villeneuve was asked about Bond 25.

“Daniel Craig is a very inspiring actor,” the director replied. “I had some contact. The thing is I’m busy right now doing Dune. To have the privledge to work with him would be a dream. I would love to work with Daniel.”

Villeneuve said working on a 007 film would be “a treat. It’s a matter of timing, I guess.”

Much of the podcast deals with Villeneuve’s most recent film, Blade Runner 2049. You can CLICK HERE to listen.

UPDATE (7 p.m. New York time): Brian Herbert, son of Dune author Frank Herbert, said on Twitter that Eric Roth delivered a first draft script.


2 Responses

  1. i was reading somewhere in the media that Bond star Daniel Craig wanted director denis Villeneuve to direct bond 25, how true this is we will never know. I personally don’t think he would be right for the james Bond universe. reason Being. He’s a sci-fi film-maker look what he’s done with ”Blade runner 2049” ? a successful sequel to a old Ridley Scott film.
    ”ARRIVAL” (2016) another success film. But only sci-fi so if we are going to judge his ability on ”Sicario” (2015) starring Emily Blunt we Still would be wrong Also Daniel Craig.

    He needs to make more films about espionage themes before he could convence me he’s ready to tackle a James Bond film.

  2. I’m sure Villeneuve is great— I look forward to seeing the new Blade Runner. But quite frankly I’m tired of EON constantly grooming auteurs. I’d rather see a workmanlike action director like Martin Campbell take on the role — someone who understands Bond but still able to keep a compelling story moving.

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