Roger Moore’s Live And Let Die diary gets new printing

Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman pose with Roger Moore during the filming of Live And Let Die.

Roger Moore’s diary written during the filming of Live And Let Die and published in 1973, is getting a new printing in 2018.

The announcement of the new printing was made on The History Press website and the late star’s official Twitter account, which is still active.

Based on the cover image, the title has been tweaked. The book originally was published as “Roger Moore’s James Bond Diary.” The new printing has the title “The 007 Diaries.”

The original version, in addition to primary image of Moore, also had stills that included Live And Let Die co-stars Jane Seymour and Gloria Hendry. The new printing only has a Moore image, based on what’s on the tweet and History Press website.

Earlier this year, writer Phil Nobile Jr. of Birth.Movies.Death wrote about the original version of the book. 

“It’s so rare to get truly candid thoughts from an actor about a film of theirs,” Nobile wrote. “Performers hit the promotional circuit to support a film’s opening, say a lot of publicist-approved things, and that’s usually that…That’s what makes 1973’s Roger Moore as James Bond 007 such a fascinating, jaw-dropping, and at times fucking surreal read.”


“That it was published to coincide with the release of the film is mind-blowing, as Moore just types and types unflattering details about the producers, shooting conditions, and even his own personal peccadilloes.” Nobile’s story also includes short excerpts from the book.

The new printing of the book is scheduled to be published in June.

UPDATE (Nov. 28): The official Roger Moore Twitter feed added a couple of other details.  David Hedison, who played Felix Leiter in Live And Let Die, has written a new foreward. Also, the new printing will be in hardback.

3 Responses

  1. The News of Sir Roger Moore’s Dairy from ”Live and Let Die” (1973) Being re-published, is Great. This Brings Back Fond Memories for me Back in (1974) when i Purchased the Original Copy in a Small London Bookshop, the Diary gives First Day account of Sir Roger Moore’s filming Straight up to the Last Day when the Camera Stops rolling. Sir Roger has a Natural way in Making things Funny Which Makes this Book entertaining. This Diary Helped me to Bcome a James Bond Fan for years. Sadly i Gave the Dairy away some years ago. But the Dairy was a Great read.

  2. Read the BMD piece — great stuff. I will be getting this book. It’s actually refreshing to read Rog in a crankier mood than his public persona generally allowed.

  3. […] were being offered for several thousand dollars on Amazon and Ebay. So when I saw the news that the book is being re-released next year – well, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that BMD had something to do with this turn […]

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