Fan edit features six film 007s trying to kill each other

Something called Team Spyral has come up with a mammoth fan edit — a 136-minute story featuring the six film Bonds (from the Eon Production series) all trying to kill each other.

Here’s part of the description:

This affectionate parody takes all six Bonds and gives them a mission to do, but waiting around every corner is a rival Bond ready to take them down. As you’d expect- battles, backstabbing and bond one-liners abound as all the Bonds constantly run into each other as they traverse the globe. Only one will emerge as the winner.

The video is titled Die Spy Kill Kill.

“We just want to spread the magic of the Bond films old and new to a wider audience,” Team Spyral said. “Who knows, maybe there are new fans out there waiting to discover the series?”

For more information, CLICK HERE. A trailer for Die Spy Kill Kill is below. Thanks to reader Marc Douglas, who brought it to the blog’s attention.