Our Bond 25 timeline debuts

The blog has compiled a timeline of significant (and some not-so-significant) for Bond 25.

The movie still is a long ways off. But the project has taken so many twists and turns, it’s hard to keep it all straight.

With that in mind, the timeline runs from May 2016 (when things began to intensify, at least at times) through the present.

The timeline doesn’t have every turn of the screw. It doesn’t include references to all those stories about U.K. bookies changing the odds for Bond actors, for example. It also left out a drama involving a helicopter that Eon Productions bought which, from all appearances, had nothing to do with Bond 25.

It does give you a flavor of some of the wildly different things that had been reported. I had forgotten, for example, there was a tabloid report that director Guy Ritchie supposedly was in the picture to direct Bond 25.

Anyway, to view the full timeline, CLICK HERE. Because of the length (which will grow as additional developments take place), it’s being housed at the blog’s sister site, The Spy Command Feature Story Index.

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