Bond 25: Will Ralph Fiennes be available?

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes “is in talks” to join the cast of The Forgiven, a project expected to begin filming early in 2019, Deadline: Hollywood reported.

Fiennes has appeared in the past two James Bond films, Skyfall (2012) and SPECTRE (2015). For some 007 fans, The Forgiven raises the possibility whether Fiennes would be available for Bond 25.

Currently, Bond 25 has an announced U.S. release date of November 2019. The project supposedly will begin filming in late 2018. At the moment, it has no announced distributor.

From a distance, if Fiennes is in The Forgiven, it might be a conflict for him to remain as Mallory, the newest M in the 007 film series.

However, with the absence of a confirmed distributor or financing, both the release date and start of production start for Bond 25 seem less than firm.

Actor Daniel Craig said in August 2017 he’d be back to play 007 in Bond 25. Director Danny Boyle has said he may direct the film if a story idea he developed with John Hodge is accepted.

Some Bond fans are convinced more is happening behind the scenes. That may be. But there isn’t much confirmed about Bond 25, so that’s not a high bar.