Daniel Craig visits the CIA

Daniel Craig

James Bond actor Daniel Craig visited the Central Intelligence Agency last week, the agency said on its website.

Craig was hosted by the CIA’s Office of Public Affairs on June 25 at the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Here was the agency’s explanation for the visit:

Why have an international movie star and filmmaker visit the CIA? Because the CIA does not exist in a vacuum. The Agency is held accountable by Congress and scrutinized by the American people. While secrets must be kept and the clandestine nature of the CIA’s work held sacred, the CIA works, where appropriate, with the film industry to combat misrepresentations and assist in balanced and accurate portrayals. Visits such as this and the recent Reel vs. Real event at UCLA open the door to engaging with the public to humanize the workforce and demonstrate the many ways CIA’s work enhances national security.

Craig “met with our leadership and workforce,who explained that real life espionage is a lot more ‘cloak’ and a lot less ‘dagger’ than presented in the entertainment world of spy vs. spy,” according to an agency post.

The actor had talks with CIA “subject matter experts” and “learned about the many facets of intelligence collection and how our five directorates work together to advance CIA’s mission.”

Craig will play Bond for a fifth time in the yet-to-be-titled Bond 25, which begins filming in December.

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