Our guest writer examines differences between 007, M:I films

Mission: Impossible-Fallout poster

Guest writer Nicolas Suszczyk takes a look at the differences between the James Bond and Mission: Impossible film franchises in an article on the Spy Command Feature Story Index.

The 007 film franchise has been in operation since 1962, albeit with some interruptions in service.

The Mission: Impossible franchise, starring and produced by Tom Cruise, has six entries, beginning in 1996, with the newest installment coming out late this month.

Some Bond fans on social media have raised the question whether M:I has taken some of Agent 007’s thunder. Others say that ridiculous. Some Bond fans liken the M:I franchise to a vanity project for the star-producer.

Anyway, CLICK HERE to view this examination of the two franchises.


2 Responses

  1. I never liked the “M-I” films mainly because they didn’t follow the premise of the TV series which was clever and unique. The Bond films know what the fans like and try not to disappoint. Changing the premise of the Bond films would be a disaster.

  2. @James – I never cared about the loyalty to the series because I barely watched it. But I understand that “divorce” between the series and the film reduces the M:I legacy considerably. I do like the M:I films, as I stated in the article, but I think they’re very far of reaching the legacy or being “better” than Bond just for having cleverer action sequences.

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