Shaft trailer makes James Bond reference

The trailer for a new Shaft movie is out. You could read comparisons between John Shaft and James Bond when the first three Shaft films came out in the 1970s. The new movie’s trailer incorporates the idea.

JOHN SHAFT JR (Jesse T. Usher).:  Ignore him. He thinks he’s the black James Bond.

JOHN SHAFT (Samuel L. Jackson): If that dude were real, he’d think he was me.

The 2019 Shaft is a continuation of the family saga, though this entry appears more light-hearted.

Richard Roundtree became famous playing John Shaft in three movies as well as a TV series that lasted one season.

In 2000, Jackson played the nephew of Roundtree’s John Shaft, with the latter making an appearance. Nineteen years later, Jackson, 70, and Roundtree, 76, are back, joined by Usher, 26, as Jackson’s son. You can take a look at the trailer below.

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