Scott Z. Burns completes Bond 25 work, The Playlist says

Bond 25 writing update.

Screenwriter Scott Z. Burns has completed his work on a Bond 25 rewrite, The Playlist said.

The story was part of a broader Bond 25 piece. But, toward the end, there was this passage:

More soon, but the latest I’ve heard is Scott Z. Burns handed in his draft and but then had to leave to direct an episode of “The Loudest Voice,” the Roger Aisles mini-series starring Russell Crowe as the former Fox mogul. What’s next for the spy film? I’m told there’s more work to be done still, but Burns is booked and had a tight deadline to begin with.

The article was penned by Rodrigo Perez, who broke the news in February that Burns had been hired to revamp the script. Perez’s original story cast the Burns rewrite as a major overhaul and not just tweaking dialogue.

What’s next? Nobody really knows. Perez’s new story is a slightly broader look at the film but doesn’t have a lot of hard details.

So far, multiple scribes — including Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, John Hodge and others — have had a turn on Bond 25.

2 Responses

  1. I don’t see why it’s hard it’s so hard to write a Bond film. Fleming used the same formula over and over. So do the movies. A villain who wants to take over the world. Lots of car chases and explosions. Bond uses various gadgets which are tools & weapons made to look like everyday objects. Along the way Bond meets various sexy chicks who fall into bed with him shortly after meeting him. Bond will defeat the villain and nd up in the sack with one of the sexy chicks he met along the way. Why don’t they let me write the next script?

  2. With all due respect, James, Eon has not used the story template you detailed since 2002 or earlier. I would like to see them scale things back and go for something with a grounded scope that is more akin Craig’s first two outings.

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