Bond 25 questions: The SPOILER edition

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If you haven’t guessed by the headline (where “SPOILER” is in all capital letters), this post has spoilers. If you’re spoiler adverse, scram. I don’t care how much shows up in the preview image on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

So, it seems pretty certain that Christoph Waltz will be in Bond 25 again playing the BROfeld version of Ernst Stavro Blofeld (i.e. Blofeld is Bond’s foster brother).

Naturally, the blog has a few questions.

Is this trip really necessary? Not really. But it seems as if Eon Productions and its army of screenwriters is going to double down on one of the worst aspects of 2015’s SPECTRE — namely that Waltz’s Blofeld was Bond’s foster brother and has a personal reason to torment Bond.

What would you have done? Ignore SPECTRE and move on with a new story. Instead, it would appear we will get a version of SPECTRE Part II. It won’t be called that, of course.

Are you serious? All we need now is a “reveal” that Dave Bautista’s Hinx will be back as Hinx, the lead henchman in SPECTRE. At this point, he might as well be. Remember, he appeared to be lobbying for that to happen.

It’d be natural for him to join Jeffrey Wright (last seen in a 007 film in Quantum of Solace) and Lea Seydoux (as Bond’s supposedly everlasting love). Hey, let’s have Eva Green (Vesper in Casino Royale) appear in a flashback sequence while we’re at it.

Any other thoughts? Yes. It’s perhaps time to finally dispense with the trope that the Daniel Craig Bond films are the “closest” to Ian Fleming.

Craig started out with Casino Royale, based on Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel. Since then, we’ve seen the death of Mathis (not in a Fleming book).

Mathis may have been a double agent (at least that’s the implication of his Quantum of Solace death scene), which wasn’t in any Fleming book.

And, of course, we have Blofeld/BRO-feld as Bond’s foster brother in SPECTRE, which wasn’t in any Fleming book.

Even if you love all these films, they’re not what Fleming had in mind. Bond 25 may end up an entertaining film. (That’s my inner optimist speaking out). Just don’t bring Fleming into the discussion.

Any suggestions for Bond 25? Perhaps some new character could “reveal” that himself (or herself) was the real Blofeld all along and the “foster brother” nonsense was a way to mess with Bond’s mind. But I wouldn’t go banco on that.

3 Responses

  1. Craig’s Bond has little in common with Fleming’s creation. The character in the books did suffer a degree of inner torment due to the nature of his work but he was never psychologically damaged like Craig’s Bond. Also, Fleming never established any sort of tragic childhood in the character’s background. More often than not, Bond recalled his youth with fond memories. Yes, his parents were killed when he was a child but their deaths was not something that traumatized him to the core. M took the place of the absent parental figures and Bond was obviously content with this substitution.

  2. My suggestion for Bond 25 is to give up and not make it. That will save me the agonizing choice of not seeing a James Bond movie on US opening day for the first time since Dr. No, or sitting through the damn thing. I’m increasingly inclined to the former. Sitting through Spectre was painful enough.

  3. Maybe it’s because of my age (in my 60’s) and maybe it’s that I have seen all the films in the cinema since the beginning and maybe it’s because I am such an admirer of Fleming’s work, but ever since the last film came out – which left me with a huge drop in enthusiasm for the series – I’ve started to feel like my interest in the world of 007 is slipping away and it makes me very sad. When CR came out I was elated as it seemed like EON was getting back to the nitty gritty, dangerous world of Fleming’s work that he dressed up with the trappings of high end consumer tastes and travel and also traded the cringing humor from the Moore/Brosnan years for the darker cynical humor from Fleming’s mind. Then they sucker punched me with QOS. Then jacked up my spirit again with SF. Then tripped me again with SPECTRE. Now from the drippings of news from what might be the plot of the new film, it seems like they are planning on tripping me on my face again. Don’t get me wrong – I like Craig. He brought back the gravitas of Fleming’s character for me in his films, uneven as they’ve been. The problem with the series now is that by following the universe they have created for him and they plan on giving him one more mission to do before finally retiring from the role, they really only seem to have two options. Either reboot the series again (as they did with CR) or continue with Craig’s universe with a new actor and plot (as they did with the other actors after Connery). I’m not following the Lashana Lynch red herring either. Yes, in Fleming’s books Bond was given the 007 number but if he had retired after TMWTGG, they could have given it to the next 00. Her character apparently is going to be given it for the same reason and that’s fine. However, I personally think she will either be killed in the film or they will reassign her another number or even another position in the next film (if she appears in it or they mention her in the dialogue) so that they can bring in the new Bond actor. Given how EON did a hybrid re-boot with Craig by keeping the old M and Tanner but brought in a new Q and Moneypenny (and then replaced Dench), it would not be surprising when they bring in a new Bond actor but keep Lynch on. The new film may surprise me and I have no doubt it will have the same high quality production they’ve maintained over the life of the series, but I have a unsettling feeling I’m going to be seeing another type of SPECTRE.

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