A few things about Bond fan outrage

The past few days have been overheated in James Bond fandom. If you’ve followed the news, even casually, you can guess why. But here are a few things to keep in mind.

It’s only a movie: James Bond isn’t real life. If you want to get upset, get upset about real-life events. There are plenty to choose from.

Don’t go there: I saw a video that specifically made a homophobic reference to a Bond fan who does amusing YouTube James Bond videos. No, I am not going to link it.

Don’t go there. Don’t do it. There’s no need to do it.

Long-running characters change and evolve: Sherlock Holmes got “timeshifted” to the 1940s in movies made by Universal during World War II. Batman fought aliens in 1950s and early 1960s comic books. Dick Tracy had his own “space era.”

If you don’t like one era for a character, it’s likely a new era will occur sooner or later. Batman became darker after the end of the 1966-68 Batman TV show thanks to stories by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams. Bond has had his own share of different eras.

Characters may change race or gender: Marvel’s Nick Fury went from white (in the original 1960s comics) to black. It happened with an “alternative universe” version where Fury was drawn to resemble Samuel L. Jackson. When Marvel began making its own films, Jackson got cast in the role. A 2010 Hawaii Five-0 television series (still in production) turned The Governor and Jonathan Kaye into women characters (Pat Jameson instead of Paul Jameson, Jenna Kaye instead of Jonathan Kaye. Also, Kono transformed into a woman character in the new series.

Meanwhile, Bond films came out with black versions of supporting characters. such as Felix Leiter and Moneypenny.

8 Responses

  1. well said Spy Commander Administrator, the whole Bond Fandom has
    Gone crazy and the Film isn’t Finished Filming yet. it’s just an announcement. the YOUTUBE FANS are making themselves look Foolish it’s just a Movie. and the 007 Code-number is only Being Assigned to the Female Character in Bond 25. Probably not in Future Bond Films.

  2. Conversation is headlines, anticipation and box office! Hey that’s good! But franchise inflexibility drives disappointment. When rebooting films & shows over decades, only makes them curious! Time-shifting and role evolution IS the entertainment! Celebrate originals like the old friends they are! Be proud of cult status! No apology for obsession. The product of now is the result of the past. Sometimes it is an opportunity!! 😉

  3. Can Foxy Brown be played by an ugly white man?

  4. I think they should stop making Bond films. If they’re just going to deliberately turn them into trash then why bother?We have every right to be angry seeing this wonderful film series turned to trash.

  5. I want to see a film on the life of Dr Martin Luther King with Taylor Swift playing MLK. She could do “I have a Dream” as a musical number.

  6. Well spoken well said.

  7. If this new 007 replaces the old model, I am done with this series. Such a casting would just be another unnecessary gender swap that no one asked for.

  8. Excellent points. Thanks.

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