About that Rami Malek character in No Time to Die

Rami Malek

So part of No Time to Die has been arguably over-exposed (a car chase filmed in Italy). Other parts remain a mystery. And perhaps the biggest mystery is the villain played by Rami Malek.

It’s known Malek plays the villain. At least Malek said so in April. Still, there have been no stills released of Malek in character. The name of the character still is unknown.

In April, the website of CBS News said Malek was playing Dr. No. But it deleted the reference and changed the story accordingly.

That hasn’t prevented some fan speculation that Malek really is playing Dr. No 2.0. Or perhaps Malek, 38, is playing a character older than the actor is. The brief description of the plot in an April 25 press release says there’s a “mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.”

Whatever. Presumably, No Time to Die’s teaser trailer will be out sooner or later.  Chances are it won’t reveal too much. But perhaps viewers will get a clue or two about Malek’s villain.

3 Responses

  1. The question I have is… has Malek’s participation been rescheduled? Love the stories of wrapping production, but that’s location work. Time to come back to Pinewood. How is that playing out?

  2. I would prefer not knowing who he is or what he’s doing until I see the film.

  3. Read it as “No, time to die” kinda like “You are, Number 6”

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