About that (lack of a) No Time to Die trailer

No Time to Die teaser poster

Some James Bond film fans are getting a little antsy waiting for a first trailer for No Time to Die. There was some buzz it might be out on Oct. 5, James Bond Day, but that didn’t happen.

Here are a couple of strategies that Eon Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (Bond’s home studio) and Universal (handling international distribution) may want to consider.

MORE RADICAL: Many fans declare they despise spoilers. Some say they don’t want trailers, won’t read press releases and decry anything that goes too far in their view.

How about Eon/MGM/Universal declare something like this: “We have heard you, Bond fans. So, we will not produce a trailer. There will be no advertising until the movie comes out in early April.”

That would get a lot of attention while saving the costs of making trailers. Entertainment websites, perhaps even the mainstream business press, would likely do stories about what wasn’t happening.

Tabloids like The Express would have headlines like this: “You WON’T BELIEVE the Marketing Strategy for the New James Bond Movie!”

LESS RADICAL: Not ready to put out a trailer? But not willing to go so far as the “more radical” strategy? Try the following.

Remember that short video Eon put out in June? It showed the making of the movie without giving away plot points. It got fans talking and was more interesting that the “video blogs” that Eon put out during production of Skyfall and SPECTRE.

Eon hasn’t really put out much since then, except for a teaser poster that came out on James Bond Day. Yes, there was a ton of tourist smartphone video during filming in the Matera, Italy, area but that was hardly planned.

A new “behind the scenes” video (accompanied by another piece of up tempo music) might get people talking again. And it would buy time until a trailer (teaser or regular) was ready.

If you’ve forgotten, here’s that video from June.

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  1. I can’t wait for the trailer! The tease they released in June was great – color, music and style all immediately set it apart from the last two 007 movies. However, there is this little movie coming out called ‘The Rise of Skywaker’ that has not yet released it’s trailer and that will dwarf everything for 3- 5 days. If EON is smart they will wait at least a week after that trailer drops before they put out their NTTD teaser trailer or it will be ignored by the masses. In addition there is also the Oscar season crush of movies coming out and then the Oscar race until the event itself on February 9th. If I was a betting man, I’d bet we are going to see the final NTTD trailer on that Oscar telecast.

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