No Time to Die wraps filming (evidently)

No Time to Die logo

No Time to Die has apparently completed (or is about to complete) filming. At least it is done enough that crew members are taking to social media to say their goodbyes. (CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE for examples.) Even if those posts are a bit premature, this stage of the saga is ending.

To say the journey has had its ups and downs is an understatement. An ankle injury to its star, Daniel Craig. An explosion in June that damaged the exterior of the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios. More than one tabloid headline referring to a doomed production.

Meanwhile, a team of writers, including Bond newcomers Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Scott Z. Burns, wrestled with the story. A new director to the series, Cary Fukunaga, is following in the footsteps of Terence Young and other directors for the Eon series.

There is, of course, a lot that fans are curious about. What’s the name of the villain played by Rami Malek? To date, there have been no stills of the actor in character. What about a trailer? Who knows at this point. What will new composer Dan Romer bring to the party?

Still, there have been some of the usual moments in the lead up to a new Bond film. A Bond actress proclaiming her character is different than all those other Bond women? Ana de Armas just came through in a feature story.

Next up: Putting the movie together in time for an April 2020 release. By now, Bond films are well known for tight post-production schedules. There will likely be some late nights in the editing bays ahead — if they haven’t started already.

UPDATE (5:40 p.m., New York time): The MI6 James Bond website says filming is scheduled to be actually completed on Friday, Oct. 25. See the tweet below.


5 Responses

  1. Some weeks back you wrote about the ‘inexpensive’ replicas of the Astin Martin DB5 that were made to use while filming the new Bond movie.  Inexpensive is a relative term.  Do you know approximately what they cost and if they might be for sale to the public? Oren Truitt “Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday”  – John Wayne

  2. I don’t know the cost of the DB5 replicas used in No Time to Die. I know they have carbon fiber bodies and carbon fiber isn’t cheap.

  3. I have seen a teaser for nttd on you tube for the last 2 weeks it is 1 min 17 sec long it starts out with 2 scenes from casino royale

  4. If it’s the one I’ve seen, it’s a fan edit.

  5. So excited to see this news Bond! Not sure why there is so much negative press about a movie that no one knows anything about. So many examples could be called out, including the comments in this very blog post but suffice it to say it sure seems like the Bond fan community is gunning for this movie to fail.

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