Bond 25 questions: The end of filming edition

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No Time to Die wrapped up principal photography this week. Naturally, the blog has some questions.

Does it seem like there’s been less publicity than other Bond movies?

Compared to the films earlier this decades, yes.

Skyfall and SPECTRE each had a series of video blogs. A crew member would describe his or her responsibilities, for example. One of the SPECTRE vlogs showed preparations for a car chase. Another highlighted the preparations for a big explosion.

Also, with SPECTRE, some news outlets were given access to do stories about the car chase. The Associated Press posted a short video. The Mail on Sunday ran a story with behind-the-scenes details about the chase sequence.

Not so much with No Time to Die.

There was a single promotional video in June showing filming in Jamaica. A visit by Prince Charles in June to the set generated a lot of TV images. In one video, star Daniel Craig can be seen explaining how the Aston Martin DB5s in the film are replicas, with carbon fiber bodies and BMW engines.

On the other hand, cast and crew members (particularly director Cary Fukunaga) made social media posts. And when the crew went to Matera, Italy, tourists took many smartphone videos that spread quickly.

When will things change?

No Time to Die added to its publicity efforts on Saturday when Empire posted a story with an image from the movie.

The entertainment publication said the image is part of its 2020 Preview issue out next week.

What’s next?

There still isn’t a trailer. The James Bond & Friends podcast said months ago there was a rough cut of a teaser trailer. For whatever reason, that has stayed under wraps. No word on when it will come out.

Based on Empire’s story, there may be articles by other outlets that have been prepared but are embargoed until closer to the movie’s April release.

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  1. with 5 1/2 months to go before the movie comes out and the crush of Oscar hopefuls and Oscar hype no one Who works in marketing is surprised there’s not a teaser trailer except the Bond Fam community.

  2. with 5 1/2 months to go before the movie comes out and the crush of Oscar hopefuls and Oscar hype no one Who works in marketing is surprised there’s not a teaser trailer except the Bond Fam community.

  3. @Dave R: The teaser trailer for SPECTRE came out in late March 2015, about seven months before the movie’s U.K. premiere. We’re about five months before the premiere of No Time to Die.

  4. The teaser trailer and title reveal for Avengers:Endgame came on Dec 7, 2018 for a release day on April 26, 2019. It has since became the highest-grossing film of all time with a first look trailer just 5 months before the film came out. If No Time To Die has it’s trailer out near at the end of November or bye the time Star War episode 9 comes out I think they will be just fine in terms of getting the world out. I remember Quantum of Solace had some great online promotional videos during the making of that film too. I think the story of Lashawn Lynch possible being the new 007 being out there made them think twice about doing less publicity. We got the Prince Charles visit and the Jamaica video then that story ran everyone went crazy. Eon has been pretty much silent after that. Just the title reveal and a lackluster poster. When they were film Casino Royale Daniel Craig say some like were just focusing on making the best film that they can make after all the negative press had came out as the blond bond and not my bond. So think that’s what there doing now focusing on shooting the best movie the can. Putting all their energy in to filming. Now that filming has wrapped the publicity has to has ramp up. I think it will.

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