Bond 25 questions: The Empire magazine edition

No Time to Die teaser poster

A (short) Empire magazine article is due out on Oct. 31. Naturally, the blog has a few questions.

Will this movie be different from other Daniel Craig Bond films?

Perhaps not.

The Empire article has this quote from Barbara Broccoli, the boss of Eon Productions:

“We always like to have a very personal trial for him emotionally, put him up against something that he finds difficult to deal with emotionally.”

So, if this quote is accurate, No Time to Die will have the same tone that began with 2006’s Casino Royale and which extended into 2015’s SPECTRE.

No differences at all?

Not necessarily. Director Cary Fukunaga may come up with visual differences. Screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge may contribute some bits. Already, Daily Mail scribe Baz Bamigboye has floated a story saying Waller-Bridge’s contributions to the script have saved the movie.

At this point, Waller-Bridge saving the movie is about to become a talking point in the marketing.  We will also hear about how Daniel Craig is the best and/or favorite James Bond performer.

Any conclusions?

If you love Daniel Craig versions of James Bond films, you’ll love this one. If you’re indifferent to Daniel Craig versions of James Bond films, you’ll probably be indifferent to this one. If you hate Daniel Craig versions of James Bond films, you’ll hate this one (most likely).


It’s possible director Cary Fukunaga comes up with some visual/style changes. There may be surprises audiences can’t anticipate.

We’ll see.

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  1. What if I adore the first 2 Craig Bonds and loathe the second 2 Craig Bonds? There is a clear distinction. The first 2 dealt with plausible threats (in the case of QoS, based on a real world incident in Bolivia involving the privatization of the water system) and had believable, albeit quirky, villains. The second 2 dealt with over the top plots and had wacko megalomaniacal villains, a return to the unfortunate era of Karl Stromberg & Hugo Drax (both played by actors who I admire, but who were written as being a few spanners shy of a toolkit). Give me a Franz Sanchez (or a Le Chiffre or a Dominic Greene) any day of the week. I’ve been a fan of Javier Bardem since Jamón, jamón, but his Silva was WAY over the top. The less said about Christoph Waltz’s Blofeld-with-Daddy-issues, the better.
    Also, the second 2 had WAY too much obvious CGI. There was probably CGI in the first 2, but it was much more subtle.

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