Eon teases release of No Time to Die trailer

No Time to Die teaser poster

Eon Productions has confirmed the first No Time to Die trailer debuts Dec. 4 and provided some shots of the film in the process.

Eon sent out a tweet Sunday night. Besides confirming the Dec. 4 date, it had very quick shots from the 25th James Bond film.

The tweet shows nine shots within 14 seconds. Included were some action shots, including what appears to be a motorcycle jump done during filming in Matera, Italy.

There’s also a shot of machine guns emerging from the Aston Martin DB5 replica. Star Daniel Craig is featured in several of the shots. Yet another shot shows Ana de Armas firing two machine guns.

One shot is of a mysterious figure. Whether it’s Rami Malek’s villain character remains to be seen.

The text was short as well: “Bond is back. The first trailer for #NoTimeToDie arrives this Wednesday #Bond25 #BondJamesBond.”

The tweet is below


UPDATE (8:58 p.m. New York time): The video also has been posted by Eon to YouTube.

UPDATE II (9:35 p.m. New York time): The video was also used as short commercial on NBC’s Sunday Night Football telecast. Comcast owns both NBC and Universal, the latter which is handling international distribution of No Time to Die.

3 Responses

  1. GOOD GRIEF….. Lashana Lynch in the driver’s seat of the Aston Martin is enough to make me stay home. I don’t ever want to hear of her character’s “dating problems” or “Kotex napkin issues” that she hinted at in her interviews ! It all stems from Barbara “Babs” Broccoli’s absoute adoration of her WOKE Hollywood friends and their pathetic attempt to turn every movie (including James Bond) into political propaganda. Not for me, and from all the men I have spoken to, not for them either. Time for EON to wake up, not WOKE up.

  2. thank God the last thing I want to do is sit next to a troll like you!! please go back to 1978 because that’s where you belong!

  3. Ahhhhh…. 1978. When men were men and Neo-MARXISTS had no access to the internet to spout political correctness. 😉

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