Dear Facebook: Time to take down the NTTD ads

Image from a Facebook ad originally related to the (now-canceled) March 31 No Time to Die premiere

To: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook
From: The Spy Command

You may wish to consider yanking and postponing sponsored Facebook posts related to the now-canceled March 31 premiere of No Time to Die.

If you click on the links, the ads themselves have been updated to note the movie won’t be out until November. But it’s pretty clear the sponsored posts were purchased when the movie was scheduled to be released in early April. They’ve been out for weeks.

At this point, nobody knows the new date for No Time to Die’s premiere except it will likely be sometime before Nov. 12 (the current U.K. release date).

The sponsored post apparently was purchased by Omaze, seeking donations for the Prince’s Trust and Red Nose Day USA.

Different contributing levels would give you entries for a contest where you could have flights, attend the premiere and go to an afterparty. Donate $10, you get 100 entries, donate $25 you get 250 entries, donate $50 and you get 1,000 entries.

Presumably, these are good causes. Presumably, a good chunk of the donations goes to the two causes. Whatever.

However, continuing to run these ads less than a week after the premiere was delayed is kind of in bad taste. What’s more, Facebook’s changing algorithms are messing with its users.

Case in point: A good friend of mine was lucky to survive an auto accident. He got out of it with broken ribs although his car was totaled. But his post about it didn’t show up in my news feed. But the tripe about the No Time to Die contest continues to clog up my news feed.

You might want to tell your advertising department to take notice of the news. And that means more than just updating the date of a movie premiere.