B25 reports spending for No Time to Die

No Time to Die poster

B25 Ltd. in a U.K, regulatory filing said the production of No Time to Die was almost 199.5 million British pounds.

B25 was formed as part of the making of the 25th James Bond film. Eon Productions is the parent company of B25.

In the filing, B25 lists 199.47 million pounds for a “work in progress” which “comprises costs incurred on film production for which the film has not yet been completed or delivered.”

At the current exchange rate of about $1.21 to the pound, that would be about $241.4 million.

Principal photography of No Time to Die began in April 2019 and was completed in the fall. Post-production worked extended into early 2020.

The filing also says the production received a tax credit of 46.8 million pounds.

6 Responses

  1. Starting with casino royale all the bond films have been made by B 21, B 22, B23 and so on along with EON.
    I’m sure it is a money thing but just curious how they created a separate production company or entity for each film

  2. The amount of money being wasted is astonishing. Think about it. All the cast and crew of those vintage Bonds were journey men directors and writers hired for a song. Now they are spending upwards of 250 million for Oscar winning writers, directors, composers in a desperate attempt to recapture those glory days. Paradoxically, Craig and the producers take any given opprotunity to trash the very Bond that was fulcrum of those classic pictures. I can say the same about Star Wars and Star Trek as well.

  3. @Dave: I think it exists mostly to handle regulatory issues and filings. It’s a subsidiary of Eon (as spelled out in the filing).

  4. That does not even include marketing costs – so B25 has to generate at a minimum $ 600 M Gross just to break even. Anything above that will be profit. The films are getting too expensive and elaborate at what point does it become a zero-sum game ? one only has to look at the number of writers on this one to see that they are scrambling to top themselves over the previous one. It is going to be interesting to see what happens with B26 after this one is released but I am beginning to think that it can’t be sustained.

  5. @ Dale F

    My guess is these films will have shorter runs in theaters and they will be available almost immediately on all on demand streaming services. Streaming is cutting into box office profits and sales of home video formats for years. This shut down has finally convinced Hollywood that the days of distributing and exhibiting films traditionally are finally numbered.

  6. I assure you,,,, we won’t see the value of that $241.4 million budget represented on the big screen in the slightest. “American Assassin”, a humble movie offering which was made for only $33 million had more value. It has as much espionage story, excitement, and way more suspense than any Craig-Era Bond movie. Ask anyone on the set at Pinewood Studios, almost all modern Bond productions are cautionary tales of unnecessary spending.

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