A modest proposal: Video game about making of B25

Barbara Broccoli, boss of Eon Productions

There have been various video games featuring James Bond. But what about a video game about the making of a James Bond movie? Specifically about the making of Bond 25/No Time to Die.

Format: You are Barbara Broccoli, boss of Eon Productions navigating the various problems of making Bond 25/No Time to Die.

Game begins: It is 2015. Daniel Craig says he’d rather slit his wrists than play James Bond again.

Ominous music plays.

Level 1: Broccoli observes conflicting press reports. Daily Mail says Craig turns down a big offer. BBC says that may not be the case.

Broccoli screen tests possible replacements. One is Tom Hiddleston (or is slightly renamed to avoid lawsuits.) Broccoli isn’t happy.

Level 2: Broccoli produces Othello play, featuring Daniel Craig as Iago, hoping to keep him interested in Bond.

Level 3: Neal Purvis and Robert Wade say they can’t imagine writing another James Bond film. Broccoli has to change their minds.

Level 4: Broccoli finally gets Craig onboard.

Level 5: Director search. Includes Danny Boyle pitching idea by himself and John Hodge. Hodge displaces Purvis and Wade.

Level 6: Broccoli and Boyle have their differences. Boyle leaves (or is fired?).

Level 7: Director search II. Broccoli checks out various Boyle replacements.

Level 8: Title debate between Broccoli and studios.

Level 9: Production

Level 10: Post-production and, then, CORONAVIRUS. Broccoli fights with a giant COVID-19 virus. Large, symphonic score.