A modest proposal: Video game about making of B25

Barbara Broccoli, boss of Eon Productions

There have been various video games featuring James Bond. But what about a video game about the making of a James Bond movie? Specifically about the making of Bond 25/No Time to Die.

Format: You are Barbara Broccoli, boss of Eon Productions navigating the various problems of making Bond 25/No Time to Die.

Game begins: It is 2015. Daniel Craig says he’d rather slit his wrists than play James Bond again.

Ominous music plays.

Level 1: Broccoli observes conflicting press reports. Daily Mail says Craig turns down a big offer. BBC says that may not be the case.

Broccoli screen tests possible replacements. One is Tom Hiddleston (or is slightly renamed to avoid lawsuits.) Broccoli isn’t happy.

Level 2: Broccoli produces Othello play, featuring Daniel Craig as Iago, hoping to keep him interested in Bond.

Level 3: Neal Purvis and Robert Wade say they can’t imagine writing another James Bond film. Broccoli has to change their minds.

Level 4: Broccoli finally gets Craig onboard.

Level 5: Director search. Includes Danny Boyle pitching idea by himself and John Hodge. Hodge displaces Purvis and Wade.

Level 6: Broccoli and Boyle have their differences. Boyle leaves (or is fired?).

Level 7: Director search II. Broccoli checks out various Boyle replacements.

Level 8: Title debate between Broccoli and studios.

Level 9: Production

Level 10: Post-production and, then, CORONAVIRUS. Broccoli fights with a giant COVID-19 virus. Large, symphonic score.

One Response

  1. You guys have run out of ideas haven’t you? How about “The Sims Eon Edition” where it takes years to get anything meaningful made. Personally I’d love Daniel Craig Fatass Adventures. It could be a 2-D platformer where Craig avoids being touched by gadgets, women and other classy Bond elements. At the end of each level he cowers in a corner and cries over Vesper.

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