Eon unveils new NTTD poster, says trailer coming

No Time to Die poster released Sept. 1.

Eon Productions’s official James Bond feed on Twitter released a new No Time to Die poster and said a new trailer for the film will be out on Thursday.

The announcement came a day after Bond-related emoji had been activated on Twitter for hashtags such as #JamesBond and #NoTimeToDie. Such emojis are paid for by studios as part of a movie’s marketing.

The new poster only features star Daniel Craig.

The tweet from Eon repeats the movie is coming out in November.

No Time to Die had been set to be released in April. But the 25th James Bond film was postponed until November because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

No Time to Die is being released by United Artists Releasing (co-owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Bond’s home studio) in the U.S. and by Universal internationally

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  1. I’ll call this the Covid One Sheet. Kind of says “Don’t stand so close to me” while being completely uninspired.

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