Bond 25 questions: The miscellaneous edition

“I want to see No Time to Die right now!”

Well, we keep getting new No Time to Die promos. Does that mean we’ll really, really get to see the 25th James Bond film in November?

Naturally, the blog has questions.

So is the movie really coming out in November?

Well, the various promos would have you believe that. New posters. A new promotional video from Omega. A new promotional video from Eon Productions featuring Rami Malek’s Safin villain.

So you’re saying yes, right?

I’m saying maybe.

What? Why?

We’re a little under 60 days from the U.S. release date for No Time to Die. The U.K. premiere date is before that.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t announced until March 4 that No Time to Die’s early April release date was pushed back to November. (The world premiere had been scheduled for March 31, just 27 days later).

So, there’s still time for yet another delay to be announced.

Oh come on! You’re being a Debbie Downer! Aren’t you?

Let’s just say the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which led to the April-to-November delay is still out there.

The coronavirus remains a big factor in the U.S. and U.K. If you look at the COVID-19 site maintained by Johns Hopkins University, the virus is still pretty widespread.

Meanwhile, other studios, including Walt Disney Co., are delaying 2020 releases into 2021. Disney’s Marvel Studios, for example, has delayed its Black Widow movie yet again, this time to May 2021

Those studios may be influenced by Warner Bros.’s Tenet, the first big theater release during the pandemic.

Anything to add?

Well, if No Time to Die sticks with its November release date, it will have less competition.

UPDATE (Sept. 25): The Wall Street Journal has a story today about how major theater chains are looking to No Time to Die to deliver customers.

At least MGM still seems committed to a November release of its latest James Bond movie, the aptly named “No Time to Die.” Any sign that the suave spy’s schedule also is slipping would be terrible news for Cineworld and its U.S. peers AMC and Cinemark.

3 Responses

  1. I like the way your Blog is always so concise and to the point. Apologies for my comment not being so, but exactly because the answer isn’t simple.

    If the goal is for a simultaneous global release IMO all bets are off. Because there are countries being affected differently. Still the coordinated release would be necessary to avoid advanced spoilers and early (possibly disappointed) critiques.

    However if focusing on this country what would be difficult about wearing a mask (gloves if necessary) in a theater in order to enjoy the communal experience? Showings could be restricted in size, with breaks to allow for disinfecting. Maybe movie goers would need to be screened (temp, a no symptom checklist). Yes, the virus is widespread, and the Cold/Flu season could also change things. But without JHU breaking down the statistics meaningfully, we’ll never escape from general fear. Which could go on well into next summer. (For example) there was a report recently regarding covid deaths among those with grave co-morbidity illnesses. If their death was imminent anyway, yet tested positive, it was automatically counted as a covid “death.” Which is different than the age group of (18-45) testing positive and very likely surviving. So until the population gains reassurance from a report containing deeper analysis (and trends), including the risk of asymptomatic carriers, there won’t be the required confidence necessary for returning to communal entertainment.

    Other the other hand, Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are among the best to bring people out, who are in a festive mood with money to spend. Heaven knows the population is in need of something to look forward to after the election (no matter how it goes) and to distract them from divisive issues. In other words, we need entertainment to pull us together!!

  2. I live in New York and it looks I may have to take a bus to Jersey in order to watch this film. ARGH !

  3. Obviously Eon needs to step up the promotional material this time around . I don’t believe are out of the woods with this at all. Wisconsin is reaching all time highs, just a matter of time when things start shutting down again . Even if they don’t, I won’t be seeing this in a theater under our current situation. Unfortunately I don’t see any relief from Covid anytime soon 🙁 great article !!

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