New book examines never-made Dalton 007 films

A question asked by James Bond fans is what would have happened if Timothy Dalton made more than two 007 films.

A new book, The Lost Adventures of James Bond, may provide answers. A press release for the book says that author Mark Edlitz “uncovers different scenarios for Timothy Dalton’s abandoned third and fourth Bond movies.”

Edlitz previously wrote the book The Many Lives of James Bond.

In 1990, a treatment for Bond 17 was written by Michael G. Wilson and Alfonse Ruggeriro that took a bigger, more science fiction take compared with Dalton’s Licence to Kill movie. The treatment included robots, including a robot that could pass for a woman.

The treatment was turned into a script by other writers and this gets examined in the new book.

A third Dalton movie ultimately was derailed when Danjaq, the parent company of Eon Productions, got into a legal fight with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Bond would not return to theater screens until 1995’s GoldenEye, with Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

The Edlitz book also looks at other Bond-related events, including the James Bond Jr. animated series and a “lost” performance by Sean Connery as Bond.

For information about ordering, CLICK HERE.

5 Responses

  1. On a related subject, I just learned that the Arecibo Observatory, the location that doubled for the Goldeneye antenna in the 17th Bond film, will be shut down permanently due to safety concerns.

  2. The above description discussed the barebones of what would have been Dalton’s third Bond film, but nothing is mentioned about his fourth, which is mentioned when publicizing this book. Could you elaborate?

  3. I don’t have the book. I only had the press release to work from.

  4. @James: A few details about the unmade 4th Dalton (apparently a treatment) are here:

  5. Thanks for the link, SC ! So once again, Loelia Ponsonby was planned to appear in a Bond film. She was featured in the first draft of Goldeneye.

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