You, too, can buy Scotch in a DB5 piston

OK, lady, where is that expensive Scotch? (File photo by The Spy Commander)

For those who have more money than sense, you can buy a really expensive Scotch whisky in a piston from an Aston Martin DB5.

How expensive? Well, one bottle is being sold in Ontario for C$85,000 (not quite $66,400), according to the National Post.

Looking west, another bottle is being sold in Vancouver for a mere C$75,000 (not quite $58,600), the Vancouver Sun reports.

To be sure, doesn’t this appear to be an official Eon Productions merchandising move. But it definitely plays on Goldfinger, Eon’s 1964 Bond film that turned 007 into a global phenomenon.

The Scotch involved is being marketed under the name “1964” (the year Goldfinger came out).

There are only 25 bottles of the stuff. According to the Vancouver Sun story, you can’t just belly up to the bar (or liquor store). According to the Sun:

So slow down and put your wallet away, money bags. You need to win a draw to earn the right to plop down $75,000 in exchange for some old whisky stored in an ancient auto part.

What makes this Scotch so special? Here are some details from the National Post:

This particular edition was poured out of its cask in 1995, making it a 31-year-old whisky, and then stored in “neutral containers” which won’t affect the flavour of the liquid until it is put up for sale. It is bottled at 49.6 per cent alcohol per volume, or ABV (by law, a Scotch whisky must be bottled at minimum 40 per cent ABV). In comparison, an unfortified wine is generally around 12 per cent ABV.

That’s a long way from those James Bond lunch boxes I remember as a kid.

James Bond lunchbox seen around U.S. school yards, circa 1965-66