Did MGM change its logo?

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, James Bond’s home studio, may have streamlined its logo.

MGM put out a series of tweets suggesting that was the case. Here are the Tweets. MGM also updated its avatar for its tweets:

MGM was formed by the merger of three companies in 1924. But the logo of Leo the Lion with “art for art’s sake” preceded that because it was the logo of one of the merged companies (Goldwyn).

Why should Bond fans care? MGM acquired United Artists in 1981. That gave it half-control of the Bond film franchise.

MGM, currently owned by a group of hedge funds, reportedly is up for sale. Could the logo change be related to that? Hard to say. As of midday New York time, the new logo wasn’t on MGM’s website yet.

UPDATE (2:40 P.M. New York Time): The new MGM logo is now on MGM’s website.

UPDATE II (8:05 P.M., New York Time): Adweek has a story. It makes it sound as if Leo the Lion will remain, but be a bit different. OK.