A few questions about SPECTRE

A SPECTRE poster

Back in September, the blog participated in a “watchalong” of SPECTRE for the James Bond & Friends podcast. Part I (because the movie was so long) is now out.

After listening, the blog has some new questions about the most recent James Bond film. The following is an homage to a frequently used trope in a YouTube channel from The Critical Drinker.

How does one ring have the DNA of multiple villains?

Don’t know.

Does MI6 not know where its agents go when on leave?

Don’t know.

Does Bond care about instructions from his current, living boss?

Don’t know.

Does MI6 have any security measures to ensure its agents don’t steal agency vehicles?

Don’t know.

Does Bond have any misgivings becoming romantically involved with the daughter of one of his most prominent foes (Mr. White)?

Don’t know.

Did Blofeld become Bond’s arch enemy *only* because he was jealous of his foster brother?

Don’t know.

Did MI6 employee screening totally miss the connections between Bond and Mr. White and Blofeld?

Don’t know.

3 Responses

  1. Does mi 6 have security to see if agents dont sell vehicles either ?

  2. God, I hated that movie. You could add: Why were there only 3 people (the protagonists) on that stupid train? During the expansive fight sequence (which paled in comparison to the tightly choreographed fight sequence in the train compartment in FRWL) there were no conductors nor were there other passengers. For that matter, if Blofeld’s long game was to get Bond to his HQ, why send an assassin to kill him on the train? I could go on.

  3. The ring itself doesn’t have the DNA of multiple SPECTRE agents, the ring is made from reidite, a rare metal found in meteorite craters. The SPECTRE agents all have trace amounts of the metal in the toxicology reports.

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