Bond 25 questions: Odds & ends edition

It’s a tense time to be a James Bond fan. The countdown to the current release date of No Time to Die is drawing down. But we’ve been here before. Naturally, the blog has questions.

Will No Time to Die actually be released this time? Or, like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, are Bond fans in for disappointment again?

Beats me. COVID-19 is flaring up again. The Summer Olympics were forced to have no crowds at events. In the U.S., there’s a surge in states such as Florida and Texas. The main reason are variants of the COVID-19 virus that have developed.

As recently as a month or so ago, I was pretty optimistic. I’ve stopped giving odds.

What makes sense for No Time to Die?

Financially, there are no good choices.

Back on July 31, this blog wrote about how billion-dollar movies, once a thing, have been affected in a major way by changes in the industry and by the continuing effects of COVID-19.

On Aug. 2, the MI6 James Bond website went further. That site crunched numbers. Recent major movie releases, such as F9 and Marvel’s Black Widow, have seen major falloffs in their second weekend of release.

According to MI6, if that trend holds up for a September/October release for No Time to Die, it will be hard for the 25th James Bond film to recoup the movie’s massive investment.

What are you trying to say?

It’s possible — possible, mind you — that No Time to Die will be the worst performing Bond film in terms of profit versus investment ($300 million or more). A 2021 release may be disappointing. But another delay means another $1 million a month in interest costs until the movie comes out.

Neither is a great choice.

Any advice?

As a fan, you have no control over any of this. If the movie makes its current release date, make your plans to see it safely. If it gets delayed? Well, we’ve adjusted before and we can do it again.

4 Responses

  1. Bill,

    I’m thinking of organizing another James Bond Movie Trivia Marathon for the week before the film comes out. Do you want to come on board as a co-sponsor? It won’t cost you anything and you can join us as one of the question guys, if you’d like. I ask everyone to take a film and write 30 questions from pretty easy to pretty darn hard.

    Let me know if you’re in. Best, Steve

  2. The black widow had a good openning, but started to go down hill by the following days ahead. It would be wise for Eon to make another decision during another upsurge in this pandemic however, us fans are suffering the delays but safety comes first.

  3. I’ve been to every Bond on US opening day, including Never Say Never Again, except Dr. No and I saw that opening week. However, despite being fully vaccinated, there is no power on Earth that will get me into a theater any time this year with a lot of people who are breathing. John & George could come back from the dead and the Beatles reunite, and I would not go to their show. I don’t even walk out to the car without an N95 on. They should either postpone it, again, or just have a video release. The hybrid model a la Black Widow doesn’t do justice to either. I knew this would happen, btw. I was convinced it wouldn’t be nearly over by now. I think I even wrote that in comments on this blog months and months ago. I recognize that most people are not as paranoid as I am. But it is precisely because most people are not as paranoid as I am, and are not taking Covid seriously enough, that the pandemic will rage on indefinitely. Everyone has to take it seriously, and behave that way, or it won’t end. Too many people are too irresponsible. I would rather be extremely cautious than irresponsible.

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