Anybody remember ‘Genoma of a Woman’?

If you don’t, it was a thing back in 2019. Genoma of a Woman was supposed to be the title of Bond 25.

Let’s take a look back.

I suppose “trust at your own will” meant “I don’t really know.” But the website got a lot of publicity out of it. That’s how it goes some times.

More than two years later, Genoma of a Woman was throughly discredited as a Bond 25 title.

Did the originator suffer anything? No. He got an invitation to this week’s world premiere of No Time to Die (Bond 25’s actual title). He even to take selfies with director Cary Fukunaga.

OK, I get it that fan sites celebrate characters and actors. But if you put it out there the movie is going to have a ridiculous title, you need to suck it up, admit your mistake and move on.

Clearly, Eon Productions doesn’t care about ethics, accuracy, or any any of that stuff. As long as you say Eon is doing a great job, you, too, can get on the red carpet.

So it goes.