The blog’s final grade for No Time to Die

Spoilers. So stop reading if you’re spoiler averse.

I finally saw No Time to Die for a second time on Wednesday. It was at the biggest screen closest to me. It wasn’t IMAX, but the regional theater chain claims it’s the biggest screen in Michigan.

I have earlier said I was going back and forth between B-Plus and A-Minus. I’ll go with A-Minus. What I liked before (particularly Bond’s first meeting with M) I still liked. The main weaknesses I found I didn’t think about until after the movie was over.

With the latter, I thought about how SPECTRE went from, “We have people everywhere!” to how the organization could be wiped out with everyone gathered in one big room. But that’s more of a shrug than a big demerit.

As I said in a post a few days ago, No Time to Die is the latest version of “The Hero’s Last Stand.” For me, it was well executed. For others, probably not.

I do think Eon Productions should lighten up on being so self-referential. The DB5 is the main example, Having purpose-built stunt cars is a necessity if you want to keep flogging the DB5, originally built in the early 1960s.

The original DB5s didn’t have carbon fiber bodies or BMW engines. In real life, a DB5 driven by George Lazenby in The Return of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was in the shop constantly. The next Bond actor should have his own “spy car.” Roger Moore got that with the Lotus in The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only.

4 Responses

  1. Having followed this JB25 saga for such a long time now, it’s so interesting to read about the final result! As you do carrying enough perspective and history to be a fair-minded critic and fan, that you’re giving it either a B+ or A- says “outstanding” to me. Especially after fans have been waiting sooo long! Agreed! “The next Bond actor should have his own FULLY WORKING ‘spy car’” like if a dedicated fan wanted to buy a replica off the market!

    Thank you for the review!

  2. I am in agreement with “Spy commander” himself bill koenig, the film has some great points leading up to the end. However, in my opinion, if it’s worth anything the Aston martin DB5 car was over-used in “NO TIME TO DIE” they were probably right in bringing back the Aston Martin V8 from “THE LIVING DAYLIGhTS” movie but with new fitted Gadgets instead. Don”t miss understand me i still love the classic DB5 but it”s done it”s time long ago. There’s a lot of bitter reviews circulating out there on “NO TIME TO DIE” but the real James Bond fans know it”s just a movie. The British fan’s has embrased the film with good box office results, some say the next bond actor has some large shoes to fill, i say can the next bond actor make james bond relevant in a new Era of cinema fans ?

  3. It’s nice to read a Bond fan site who enjoys NTTD. I feel 4 of Craig’s Bond films are A- to A+ with Spectre being a C. We still have the Roger Moore films to revisit again but The last 15 years, EON has done a great job.
    It seems the perfect time for EON to sell- The effect of Covid has had on the cinema and streaming and there triumphant arc with Daniel Craig and the fact that Amazon is now MGM’s owner, it’s the perfect trifecta for them to walk away having achieved just about everything with Bond.

  4. Tend to agree that it is time the DB5 was retired, it is now almost 60 year old ( God damn ) and whilst it was ok in one Brosnan film ( seriously though taking on a 30 year younger Ferrari ? ) and was possibly used to good effect in Skyfall it is now starting to become somewhat ludicrous have it pop up continually. As a spy, he’s supposed to be inconspicuous but this just highlights who he is. Surely Aston Martin would prefer him to drive one of their latest toys & promote that instead of a “vintage classic ” That would at least keep the “British” tradition.

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